David J. Biesack 

I have a few things available. Give them a try and send me your feedback!


AutoBrowse Version 1.1 (36K zip file) AutoBrowse is a small tray utility for Windows 95/NT 4.0 which monitors the Windows clipboard for URL selections. When you select a URL in a text edit field of an application or in a text editor then copy the URL to the clipboard, AutoBrowse will send that URL to your browser, either automatically or after confirming the AutoBrowse. If you prefer an InstallShield version with uninstall support, you can load the 600K http://David.Biesack.home.mindspring.com/ftp/AutoBrowse-1.1.zip


WinCtl (38K zip file) is a free small command line utility which provides simple control of windows. From the command line, you can minimize, maximize, restore, raise, lower, hide, show, resize and reposition windows. You can specify which window by its windowid, name (title) or class. Source included under GNU General Public License.


StartW (35K zip file) is a small utility for starting other programs from Windows shortcuts. It can add or remove environment variables before launching the program, or it can ignore the program if it or another program is already running -- useful for games in folders used by children. Source included under GNU General Public License.


Flash Cards is a integer arithmetic drill (flash card) game I wrote for my kids. It was written in Java, so it will run on any system with a 1.1 Java run time. It is also available as a Windows "native" .EXE (requires MSJAVA.DLL from Internet Explorer). The game is fairly configurable, so you can choose difficulty levels (i.e. just addition of numbers from 1 to 5, up to addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of values -12 to +12 or any other combination or arithmetic operators and integer ranges you choose.

This is a Java applet which shows the Towers of Hanoi. It is also a tutorial on recursion, model/view, and event based programming.


Keyboard Banger I wrote this Java application (not an applet) for my 1 year old. It runs as a full screen window and listens for keyboard or mouse events and draws interesting shapes and plays some funny sounds. Requires the JavaSoft 1.1 JDK (relies on some sun classes for playing .au files from a Java application)

GNU Emacs

I have some Emacs lisp and also an extension to gnuserv.

Ray Tracing

I've created some images using the Persistence of Vision ray tracer. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.


A collection of interesting quotes.





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